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Ethical code

  1. Our goal - satisfied customer.
  2. Satisfaction means - Quality and scope of services.
  3. Goals can only be achieved through team work.
  4. There are no more important and less important jobs in the company! In teamwork, each one of us tries to do a maximum of professional performance.
  5. We want to work in an atmosphere where we feel good. That is why we act openly, honestly and politely.
  6. Fulfilling the promises we consider to be a matter of personal honor.
  7. All the time, it is necessary to take care of the goals set and strive to achieve them, including the realization!
  8. We want to work in a good company.
  9. We know well that each of us must try to maintain a good name.
  10. A good name is getting hard, but it's getting lost very easily!